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After 100 years of sword and gun making, Wilkinson Sword diversified into the first of many men’s shaving innovations, producing the ‘Pall Mall’ safety razor in 1884. This wasn’t just it, Wilkinson Sword introduced PTFE coated blades, a non-stick technology, makes shaving even safer, more comfortable and smoother for shaving products uk. Wilkinson Sword has spent the last 120 years innovating to create an award-winning range of advanced mens shaving products. We have a large range of male shaving products from shave preps to razors blades with some of the best wet shaving products available to buy online.

We believe that shaving is all about freeing yourself and showing off your style, we don’t mind what men’s shaving products you use to reach your style we just hope that we can somehow help you achieve it. We have some great blogs on how you create different styles with the shaving products online, available for you to purchase.

If you are looking for the cutting edge innovation in mens shaving then look no further than the Hydro Sense razor with its shock absorbing technology that helps fight against irritation. If that’s too much tech for you then not to worry, our Classic Double Edge Razor is a simple design that provides excellent value for money and is one of the sharpest shaving products around. If you are not looking for a new razor and are just looking for some new razor blade refills, then you can find some great razor blade value packs that aren’t available in store. If it’s a disposable razor you are searching for then we can offer you great value on some bigger packs which will give you some of the

If it’s something a little easy and less hassle that you are in search of, then head over to our subscriptions page where you can be in complete control over a shave plan with a male shaving product that best suits you.