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Shaving Creams & Soaps

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Shaving Creams & Soaps

You’d be forgiven for taking a glance at Wilkinson Sword’s illustrious history and assuming that we only deal in sharp things made of metal. After all, from swords to razors and even nail scissors our products have always had a certain edge.

But the fact is we love shaving – from the most innovative products like our Hydro 5 Sense Energize to the traditional timeless accessories. We bring the same precision and craftsmanship to every product we make, meaning that we can whip up a soap or shaving cream with the best of them.

All of Wilkinson Sword’s shaving creams and soaps will ensure you experience the smoothest, most comfortable shave possible. A generously applied amount will soften your hair and lift it away from the skin to reduce nicks and cuts, keeping your skin moisturised and looking fresh long after you’ve finished shaving.