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Rust can occur on a stainless-steel alloy, such as the one we use to manufacture our razors blades, when water pools in an area, over time. The chromium-coated edges of our blades do not rust.  While rust can occur on other parts of a razor blade, the edge of the blade, the only part that actually touches the skin, will not rust under normal use.  Be sure to shake the excess water from your razor before storing it to best avoid rust from forming.

The QuattroQuattro Titanium and Quattro Titanium Precision blades have a trimmer blade on the back.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our sensitive skin razors,  blades refills and shaving creams. They contain skin soothing ingredients such as olive oil and Vitamin E. Ahhhh…

Generally the handles of men’s razors are ergonomically designed to shave facial areas whereas women’s razors handles are shaped to shave different body areas such as under arms and legs.

Hydro 3 has three blades whereas the Hydro 5 has five blades and a flip trimmer feature. A simple flick of the thumb reveals an edging blade helping you reach those hard-to-get-to areas such as under the nose

Our research showed that men’s number one skincare complaint is irritation caused by shaving – we wanted to create a male system razor that helps reduce irritation and cares for men’s skin whilst they shave
Wilkinson Sword Hydro is an integrated shaving system that was developed following several years of research and development. This revolutionary shaving system includes a gel reservoir that hydrates throughout each shave, patented skin guards and a flip trimmer (Hydro 5 only) for a close, comfortable shave and reduced irritation

Simply rinse under water only – do not clean with detergents or harsh cleaners
If clogging occurs, never use any object to clean in between blades such as a toothbrush as this can damage the blade edges. Instead gently soak in warm water to help soften and remove excess debris
Wilkinson Sword Hydro’s blades are the optimum distance apart for optimal wash through and to minimise the risk of clogging

Shaving rash is caused by irritation to the skin when shaving. Irritation can be caused by a number of factors including blunt razor blades, using alcohol-based shave care products, failure to use shave preparation and even simply having a sensitive skin type
To minimise the risk of shaving rash and skin irritation use a razor designed to care for your skin such as Wilkinson Sword Hydro, and our sensitive shaving gels or foams

Choose a razor with multiple, high quality blades that pivot to the contours of your face to ensure a close shave without irritation and make sure you always shave with a sharp razor blade
We recommend our Wilkinson Sword Hydro Power 5 , the only wet power razor with 3 levels of vibration so that you can customise your shave to suit your skin. The water activated gel hydrates throughout each shave to reduce irritation and give you ultimate shaving comfort

Step 1: Let your skin wake up. Don’t shave first thing in the morning, have a shower first to let the puffiness caused by fluid collection overnight fade away
Step 2: Exfoliate before you shave to get rid of dead skin and help prepare the skin for your shave
Step 3: Wet your stubble with warm or hot water before shaving. It softens the hair allowing it to be cut more easily
Step 4: Thoroughly massage shaving cream or gel into stubble before your shave. It not only helps soften the hair but helps protect against nasty razor rashes and burns and some formulas hydrate your skin. We recommend Wilkinson Sword Hydro Sensitive Shave Gel
Step 5: Make sure your blades are sharp. Dull blades are the culprit for most shaving accidents. A new blade will help prevent dragging of the razor over your face which can cause skin irritation
Step 6: Use gentle pressure against your beard and shave with the grain of the hair
Step 7: Shave the most sensitive area of your face first – the neck and below the jawbone – then move up the face. For the closest shave, we recommend Wilkinson Sword Hydro 3 or Hydro 5
Step 8: Rinse the blade in hot water when shaving and use slow short strokes. It’ll reduce drag that the razor may make to your skin
Step 9: Apply oil free after shave moisturiser to soothe, protect and invigorate your skin. If you’re using after shave check the label for alcohol and be warned that this is the ingredient that makes your skin sting. Remember to be careful of mentholated shaving products, they may give you a nice cool sensation at first, but menthol, like alcohol, can be irritating to the skin

Regular shaving is a great way to remove dull, old excess skin cells for soft and smooth skin
Shaving should not irritate the skin if you use the right shaving products, a razor that best suits your skin, and remember to change your blades regularly
Our recommendation for men with sensitive skin would be the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 which features five blades, a gel reservoir and a flip trimmer – ideal for those who are looking for high performance, quality and skin care from their razor

The Wilkinson Sword Intuition razor is the only 3-in-1 beauty tool to lather, shave and moisturise in one easy step. The skin conditioning solid around the 4 bladed razor not only lathers and moisturizes your skin during shaving, but also doubles up as a handy physical wear indicator too
The Intuition Sensitive Care razor is suitable for sensitive skin, contains 100% natural aloe and Vitamin E, and is dermatologically tested, completely fragrance free, hypo-allergenic and is designed for those with sensitive skin. This razor will leave the skin feeling gorgeously moisturised and offers a gentle experience that moisturizes during shaving

Shaving is one of the most convenient and pain-free ways to remove unwanted body hair, and the bikini area is no exception
Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Bikini lets you shave, trim and shape in one girly gadget. It is completely waterproof so you can use it in the shower on your bikini area, under arms or legs with ease

Consumers want products that simplify the shaving process
The Wilkinson Sword Intuition Plus range is perfect for busy, on the go young women as it lathers, shaves, and moisturises during shaving – all in one convenient tool, making shaving an effortless part of your routine
Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Bikini also combines all a girl’s hair removal needs in one high performance girly gadget

Rinse your legs, exfoliate, lather with a shaving gel or foam, and shave with a good quality razor
Shaving, by its very nature exfoliates the legs which will leave your skin feeling smoother and your tan more prominent
We recommend Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Pearl and Papaya. This is new stylish four blade razor enriched with papaya and pearl complex to give you long lasting smoothness

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You can find the ingredient lists of our products either at the back of the pack or on the product pages.

Wilkinson Sword Razor and blade products or any of our Shaving gels and creams such as Edge, Hydro and Skintimate are never tested on animals.

We have various factories around the world. In Europe we have a factory in Solingen (Germany) and in Teplice (Czech Republic).

The products we sell in Europe are manufactured in various locations including, Germany, Czech Republic, US and China.

Yes, Wilkinson Sword products are widely available across all main retailers in the UK.

We do advise consumers to rinse the brush thoroughly of soap, making sure you leave it to dry in the open and if possible, drain upside down allowing the water to run away from the base. If soapy water is allowed to dry at the base of the brush, this can weaken the bristles causing them to fall out.

They are not – Wilkinson Sword blades are compatible with the same name WS Razor handle i.e. all Hydro blades are compatible with all Hydro razor handles. All Quattro blades will fit all the Quattro razor handles.

Usually right after a shower when your hair is nice and soft. Apply a thin layer of shaving cream or gel to help minimize irritation and shave against the grain in clean, even strokes. Rinse and repeat.

One of the ground-breaking technologies associated with Wilkinson Sword Hydro is that the blades include skin guards which smooth out the skin during your shave
The skin guards increase the touch points between the razor and the skin – this means pressure is more evenly distributed and the skin is smoothed out for less risk of irritation

Yes. For enhanced skin comfort we recommend using a Hydro Shave Prep. There are 4 products in the range designed to suit different needs and skin types. These are:
Hydro Moisturising Gel
Hydro Sensitive Gel
Hydro Sensitive Foam
Hydro Deep Hydration Shave Cream
This is an important step in shave preparation to raise and soften the hairs for a close, comfortable shave
Using shave preps may help extend the blade life because there will be less friction during the shaving process and this can reduce the breakdown of the blade edge

After applying your shave prep, simply wet your cartridge to activate the gel reservoir and shave as you normally do. Moisture expands the gel while drying will shrink it
This is why it is important that after shaving, you keep the cartridge or gel reservoir away from water as this can expedite the depletion of the lubrication

The gel reservoir hydrates throughout each shave, providing a comfortable shave and helping reduce irritation
It lasts up to twice as long as ordinary lubrication strips
It offers hydration and an effortless glide as you shave
The bottom guard-bar helps stretch skin and raise hair prior to blade contact for a close, smooth shave

Blade life is affected by a lot of variables, these include (but are not limited to):
Shaving preparation used
Frequency of shaving
Hair type, rate of growth and length
Number of razor strokes per shave
As an average we would recommend changing blades approximately every 5-7 shaves to get the optimum results from your razor
You can improve the shave life of the blades by shaving often and using good lubrication and keeping the cartridge clean and dry between uses

Rinse the blades often during the shaving process. If the razor becomes clogged, gently shake the cartridge back and forth in warm water to loosen up the hairs until all hair is removed
Rinsing through the front and back of the cartridge will also help remove debris
Avoid tapping the head of the razor because this can cause damage to the cartridge and/or blades which can lead to an unsafe shaving experience

Having multiple touch points between your razor and the skin means that the pressure is more evenly distributed. This helps smooth out the skin which means less risk of irritation
Wilkinson Sword Hydro comes with three or five blades with the additional benefit of skin guards on each blade to give you more touch points between the razor and the skin, ultimately providing a more comfortable shave

It is important you select the right shave care products for your skin but they do not need to be from the same range/brand
However, if you are using a shave care system (shaving foam or gel, followed by a balm) from the same brand, the products may be designed to work in conjunction with each other, such as our Wilkinson Sword Hydro Pre Shave gels and Hydro Post Shave balm

It is important to use shave care products as part of your routine to help minimise the risk of irritation
Shaving foam or gel helps prepare the skin for shaving – it helps lift and soften the hairs, helping you get a closer and more comfortable shave
An after-shave balm helps rehydrate the skin and protects against post shave irritation
Never apply alcohol-based post shave products (i.e. after shave) straight after shaving as this can cause a stinging sensation to the skin, instead, the skin needs time to calm down
Wilkinson Sword have a range of Hydro Pre-Shave and Hydro Post Shave gels and moisturisers to help ensure your shave is as comfortable as possible

If you don’t favor the clean-shaven look, you can still keep your facial hair in check with a few simple steps
To keep your beard or moustache neat, try using an edging blade to sculpt and a trimmer to keep the length in check
The Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision is a 3-in-1 must-have razor that lets you trim, shave and edge, all in one tool

Fashion changes regularly, but it is always ‘in’ to be clean shaven
Research commissioned by Wilkinson Sword showed that men who shave regularly feel more confident, sexier and cooler

Wilkinson Sword commissioned research looking into men’s grooming habits.
The report showed that whilst shaving is the essential masculine ritual, it is no longer simply about grooming.
Men today shave to increase their confidence, success, sense of health and wellbeing.
The research showed that men are looking for a meaningful and genuine innovation.

Men and women’s shaving needs differ greatly which is why we have razors designed specifically to cater for men and for women separately
Women’s razors are often cushioned with more and larger conditioning strips to enable women to shave greater surface areas such as their legs or bikini line
Men’s razors may have edging blades to trim facial hair, including our Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision, the world’s first 3 in 1 wet razor to shave, trim and edge

Different people have different preferences with the type of razor they use. Disposable razors tend to be cheaper and more convenient as you throw them away after use – which makes them ideal for gym bags and holidays. One of our most popular disposable razors is the Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3
A system razor can give you a closer, smoother, more superior shave at a higher price point
For precision shaving, we recommend the Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision, the world’s first 3 in 1 wet razor with built in trimmer, edging blade and four super sharp titanium coated blades

How often you need to shave varies from person to person depending on speed and texture of regrowth. It also depends on your tolerance for regrowth
As an average, most men shave 2-3 time per week. However, to achieve that smooth, close shave, some men shave every day

Generally, the handles of men’s razors are ergonomically designed to shave facial areas whereas women’s razors handles are shaped to shave different body areas such as under arms and legs.

Some people prefer hair removal creams. However, these can be smelly and difficult to apply so are not right for everyone
It is a personal choice as to what suits you, your skin and your routine. It is often a good idea to try out a range of hair removal methods until you find a routine which is right for you

Shaving is one of the fastest, most convenient and pain-free methods of removing hair anywhere on your body and you don’t have to wait for re-growth either. Plus, shaving removes dull and flaky skin to keep it looking and feeling great
Waxing can be tricky to do yourself so with many women opting for expensive salon treatments rather than risk doing it themselves at home
Shaving doesn’t require any specialist knowledge so is easy and risk-free for everyone

Spots on the legs can be caused by ingrown hairs. As the hair curls into the skin it can make the skin inflamed, causing a spot to form
The best way to minimise irritation is to change your blades regularly – always ensuring you shave with a sharp blade. How often you change the blade will depend on your hair structure, coarseness and re-growth rate. It’s best to change your blade when you feel you need to start applying more pressure on the skin, as this is an indication the blades are beginning to blunt. Physical wear indicators on blades are a good indicator to help you recognise when the blade needs changing
A good skincare routine including regularly exfoliating and moisturising is also important to help prevent red spots and irritation for those with sensitive skin

Ingrown hairs are very common and occur when a hair is forced to grow back into the hair follicle
Starting with clean exfoliated skin is a great way to prevent ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are very common and occur when a hair is forced to grow back into the hair follicle
Starting with clean exfoliated skin is a great way to prevent ingrown hairs

When shaving legs, underarms or the bikini area, proper skin preparation is a vital first step. Avoid shaving without first moistening dry hair with water, as dry hair is difficult to cut which could lead to tugging and pulling
Exfoliating the skin will help get rid of dead skin cells, preparing the skin for that great smooth shave
While you can use other products such as shower gels or creams, we recommend a Wilkinson Sword shave gel or foam which helps protect the skin from irritation. Using these shave care products as part of your routine will help minimise the risk of irritation and make sure you get the most from your razor
Shaving foam or gel also helps prepare the skin for shaving by lifting and softening the hairs, helping you get a close shave
After shaving always try to use a moisturiser to hydrate the skin such as Hawaiian Tropic Body Butter – enriched with cocoa butter, avocado oil and aloe vera, to moisturise skin and keep your legs feeling silky smooth

People find waxing and epilating trickier, more painful and more time consuming, whereas shaving is quick, convenient and pain-free
Another benefit of shaving is that you don’t have to wait for re-growth or book in for expensive beauty salon appointments

Applying too much pressure whilst shaving with a very sharp, new blade can cause cuts
Shaving with a dull or blunt blade and pressing too hard can cause cuts
To reduce the risk of cuts, we recommend changing your razor blades often

Shaving regularly helps the skin stay healthy-looking by not only removing hair but also dull and flaky skin
A good quality razor with a built-in conditioning strip to moisturize during shaving is ideal
It is also a good idea to moisturise the skin after you have shaved. We recommend our Hawaiian Tropic Body Butter