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All you’ve ever wanted to know about ingrown hairs

Nothing takes the post-shave spring out of your step like an ingrown hair. It’s not until a pesky little strand…

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Beard dandruff: A guide to preventing it

You can’t move for facial fuzz in the UK. Where beards were once the preserve of slightly embarrassing dads who…

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The essential guide to preventing shaving rashes and getting rid of razor burn

After just a few swift strokes, you smile at yourself in the mirror, with an eyebrow slightly arched. You put…

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Does shaving make hair grow thicker or faster?

For something that billions of us do every day, there are plenty of myths around shaving. While we’re not averse…

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How to shave your own back while retaining some dignity

Certain questions have puzzled the human race’s finest minds for thousands of years. How did the Ancient Egyptians build the…

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Grooming tips for the eco-conscious man

It’s taken us a long time to get into good habits, but over the last few years it’s safe to…

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How to dispose of razor blades safely

We’ve come a long way from the days of the cut throat razor. From safety razors to Ultra Glide blades,…

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A guilt-free shave that doesn’t cost the earth

Over the last decade or so, most of us have arrived at something you could comfortably call eco-conscious. You’ve only…

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