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man looking in mirror using Wilkinson sword razor to shave his face

Men's business

In our blog you will find helpful tips and tutorials on the perfect shave, cool beard styles and the right tools. Be brave and shave.

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Looking after your skin pre and post-shave

Whether you’re de-bearding or going for smooth legs, it’s too easy to think of skincare as an optional extra when…

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How to shave pubic hair for men

When compared with the carefully styled barnet atop your head, or the proudly cultivated beard adorning your chin, something about…

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How to shave a beard off

It’s hard to say goodbye. But if your face has been bedecked with a bush for so long that you’ve…

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Blokini – A How To Guide

Men are now manscaping more than their just chest and back, with two thirds now grooming their groin area too. Wilkinson Sword has teamed-up with grooming expert Marcus Jaye to release The Blokini Line Manual, providing styling tips and advice for this body area….

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Manscaping & How to Do It

Manscaping is a tricky old term. On the one hand, it’s so vague that no-one’s entirely sure what it should…

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Shaving against the grain: how to

To go against the grain or not – that is the question. It’s one of the oldest shaving debates there…

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