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man looking in mirror using Wilkinson sword razor to shave his face

Men's business

In our blog you will find helpful tips and tutorials on the perfect shave, cool beard styles and the right tools. Be brave and shave.

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How the Hydro Comfort Skin Reset can transform your shave

We’re not shaving like we used to. It’s a constantly evolving art, and at Wilkinson Sword we’re continuing to push…

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How to Use a Cut Throat Razor on Yourself

Everyone knows that getting back to basics is good for the soul. Camping under the stars on a summer’s night,…

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All you’ve ever wanted to know about ingrown hairs

Nothing takes the post-shave spring out of your step like an ingrown hair. It’s not until a pesky little strand…

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Beard dandruff: A guide to preventing it

You can’t move for facial fuzz in the UK. Where beards were once the preserve of slightly embarrassing dads who…

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Grooming tips for the eco-conscious man

It’s taken us a long time to get into good habits, but over the last few years it’s safe to…

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Manscaping Styles: Time to get creative

Well this wasn’t part of the plan, was it? Think back to those icy January mornings at the dawn of…

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How To Shave Your Legs: Men’s Shaving Tips

What? We all know male athletes shave their legs, let’s face it, they aren’t shy and retiring types — Cristiano…

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Beard Shaping: A Guide

Acquiring a stylish new beard sounds simple enough, right? One day you finish shaving, take a ponderous look in the…

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How to shave your head at home

Whether you’re looking to stay one step ahead of a receding hairline or you’re just taking a bold new direction,…

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First time shaving? Let’s walk you through it

They don’t say ‘razor-sharp’ for nothing. Whether you’ve been itching to try it for months or an unexpected patch of…

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