The Best Razors for Bikini Line Area Shaving

Shaving your bikini line is one of those tiresome body maintenance chores that doesn’t tend to cross your mind until the situation demands it.

You’re packing up your suitcase for that long-awaited week of sunning yourself on a Mediterranean poolside. You’re wondering how you’re going to get everything done in time for your flight. You start rummaging through your bathroom cabinet and realise with horror that it’s been quite some time since your razor became acquainted with your nether regions.

Keeping things neat and tidy down there is a fiddly job that’s often performed in a bit of a rush, whether in preparation for an anticipated holiday or an unexpected date. This means the results can be uneven at best and rash-inducing at worst. But removing hair in your pubic area needn’t be a pain, literally or otherwise.

How to shave your bikini line safely

Limited visibility and awkward angles make working on this unpredictable terrain feel like more trouble than it’s worth — but you don’t have to put up with the bumps and razor burn that can seem to come with the job.

Before you go anywhere near that delicate region with a razor blade, take a look at these golden rules for bikini line shaving to make sure you end up with the silky smooth result you’re after, and not a pair of itchy, red and unhappy inner thighs.

Don’t shave your bikini line in a hurry (or any other part of your body, for that matter). You’ll risk ruining your holiday and you might end up wishing you’d left things all-natural downstairs as you recline uncomfortably in the scorching sun…

  • Spend ten minutes in warm water first. A bath or shower will soften your skin, lessening the chances of razor burn and making hair easier to remove.
  • Trim hair down to a manageable length, especially if it’s been a while. You don’t want to be clogging up your razor with pubic hair before you’ve even begun.
  • Use a clear shaving gel. This will help you to see what you’re doing and ensures your razor glides easily over the skin. And never dry shave in that region, even if you’ve got all the time in the world to do a careful job - trust us, it’s not worth it.
  • Don’t shave against the grain. This will help to remove hair swiftly and smoothly, and shaving in any other direction is more likely to leave the skin feeling irritated.
  • Use a cold compress afterwards. Putting a cold flannel on the area for around five minutes will soothe your sensitive skin. Finish off with an unscented balm.

The best razors for shaving your bikini line

So what equipment will you need in your bathroom arsenal to tackle this most delicate of jobs? The good news is that at Wilkinson Sword we’ve got a whole range of expertly engineered razors that are more than up to the task.

Don’t just go grabbing the nearest razor that’s lurking in the shower. For a comfortable bikini line shave with results that make it all worthwhile, your skin will thank you for investing in the finest you can find...

Hydro Silk Bikini Razor

The clue’s in the name — they don’t get more tailor-made for your nether regions than this. What’s more, this trustworthy bathroom tool allows you to shave, trim, shape and hydrate all without having to reach for anything else.

This high-performance razor can be flipped around to turn into a waterproof styling trimmer, meaning you can maintain the same incredibly close shave no matter how hard-to-reach an area you’re working with.

  • Five curve-sensing blades follow the contours of your body effortlessly, all while infusing your shave with our Hydra Renew Serum containing shea butter for long-lasting hydration.
  • This moisturises your skin for up to two hours after your shave and the trimmer is infused with Aloe and Vitamin E so that your skin feels even more fabulous.
  • The trimmer function has four different settings and ultra-thin blades so that you can achieve exactly the look you want.

Quattro For Women Bikini Razor With Trimmer

Why use one blade when four will do it better? The Quattro range revolutionised shaving with its super-smooth quartet of perfectly synchronised ultra-thin blades. Its precise and comfortable performance will work wonders on any part of your body — but especially your bikini line.

Even the most beautifully light shave can be spoiled with a little too much pressure on the razor handle - so that’s why protective guard wires stop the Quattro blades in its pivoting head from pressing too hard against the skin, helping to prevent nicks and cuts while you shave.

  • Two glide strips infused with Aloe and Vitamin E help to leave your skin softer and smoother - and ready for anything.
  • The waterproof trimmer function on the other end is battery operated and has a precision comb with three length settings to help you achieve the perfect look.
  • The shaped rubber grip handle keeps you in control and minimises the chances of irritation.

Intuition Complete Women’s Razor

We might have spent over a century in the business of shaving innovation here at Wilkinson Sword, but even we have to admit that the Intuition range is going to take some beating. Designed to completely reinvent a woman’s grooming routine, it’s been a skin-smoothing success that’s reshaped shaves up and down the country.

This award-nominated razor sits at the heart of the range and boasts five skin-perfect blades that offer the closest and most comfortable shave possible, with the best results.

  • The slim razor head means reaching even the trickiest places like your knees, armpits and — yes — bikini line has never been easier.
  • The Skin Protect gel with hyaluronic acid that surrounds each blade provides smooth glides and nourishment for your skin, and frees your bikini line shave of irritation.

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