How To Trim And Shave Pubic Hair

Approach with caution. Pay attention. Careful now. However you want to say it, this is the instruction you want to be quietly repeating to yourself as you advance towards your nether regions armed with the kinds of tools that can cause you some truly wince-inducing problems down below if not wielded properly.

Sharp objects and your most private bodily features don’t traditionally make a great pairing, so you should always be on high alert if you’re trimming, shaving or doing any type of general gardening in that area.

Just because you can shave your facial stubble on autopilot standing bleary-eyed in front of the bathroom mirror, that doesn’t mean you can get away with it when you’re landscaping your pubic region.

Finding the tools for the job

At Wilkinson Sword we engineer the unbeatable tools that help men and women to bring out their sharpest style from head to toe — and that includes razors for your pubic and delicate areas. The Hydro 5 Men’s Body Groomer uses five bi-directional blades to provide effortless motion, and contains water-activated gel pools that protect your skin from irritation.

Meanwhile, the Hydro Silk Bikini Razor shaves, trims, shapes and hydrates all in one go, with ultra-thin blades, a protective comb and an infusion of Aloe and Vitamin E to leave you feeling fresh down there.

Of course, this area isn’t somewhere that needs your attention every day, but whether it’s a pre-date tidy up or a long-overdue makeover, grooming your pubic hair is just something you’ve got to do once in a while.

Trimming and shaving pubic hair

As with any shave, the key to success is not to stray from the script. You really can’t improvise when it comes to body grooming, so stick to these must-do steps and you can’t go too far wrong…

1. Shower to soften your body hair

It’s the golden rule of any successful shave — soft, slightly damp hair will just be more co-operative. This means it will not only be more comfortable to remove but it’s less likely to offer any resistance or pulling, and cause redness or ingrown hairs.

Take a short, warm shower and towel dry your pubic area. This will also soften the skin and make it easier to work with and less prone to irritation.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin before shaving helps to remove dead skin cells, leading to a cleaner shave and less chance of ingrown hairs. Using a loofah or exfoliating mitt, gently rub a body scrub or polish onto your skin in circular motions. Remember, it’s probably best to use a fragrance-free product on this delicate area of skin we don’t want any type of irritation!

3. Start with a trim

It’s worth taking the steps to ensure you get the length of hair that you’re after — so unless you’re aiming for a completely bald look a reliable trimmer will get you halfway there and keep you in control of your look. Trimming will also mean that your blade is less likely to get clogged up with hairs when it comes to shaving.

Pick your safety comb setting carefully. You can use the same kind of electronic trimmer that you’d use on facial hair — but it goes without saying that you’ll need to pay a whole lot more attention. Smartphone in one hand, beard trimmer in the other? Not today.

For women, the Intuition 4 in 1 has an easy bikini trimming attachment that keeps things comfortable and straightforward, with four adjustable comb lengths.

4. Lather up with a trusty shaving gel

Once you’ve trimmed your hair to a more manageable length — and, of course, this will depend on whether it’s three weeks or six months since you last gave your nether regions any cosmetic attention — it’s time to get to work with a great pubic hair razor.

Before you do, make sure you’ve worked up a good lather with a reliable shaving gel or cream. This will hydrate the skin and hairs and protect the skin, as well as enhancing glide (and with the razors in our Hydro 5 range already boasting incredibly smooth movement, that means you’ll be virtually flying).

5. Inspect your tools

That’s not a euphemism for performing a final check on your private regions before you get to work (although that’s probably not a bad idea either).

Have a look at your razor to make sure it’s up to the considerable task of gently and painlessly chopping hairs from the most delicate part of your anatomy.

If you spot dull blades, faded lubrication strips or hair and dead skin clogging the razor, stop there. It’s not worth the angry red protest that your skin will put up in about fifteen minutes’ time.

Take five minutes to swap them out for shiny new blades and it’ll make all the difference to your shave - the razor drifting effortlessly across your pubic hair like a canoe on a lazy river.

6. Start shaving, and go gently

Easy does it. Carefully use light and gentle strokes, pulling the skin taut as you go and applying minimum pressure to the razor handle. The blades will do the hard work for you.

Don’t go over the same area more than once, and don’t shave against the grain - it’s not worth trying out any experimental techniques while you’re down here.

Before you know it, your pubic hair will be coming away with little fuss, plus you’ll find that nicks, cuts and bumps are kept firmly out of the picture. And what a picture it is.

7. Rinse and repeat

Making sure you rinse your razor blades throughout your shave keeps hair, skin cells and other grimy nasties out of the way and minimises the chances of your skin becoming irritated, as well as keeping the area well-lubricated.

Run the razor gently under lukewarm water from the tap, but don’t be tempted to bang it on the edge of the sink as you’ll damage the inside of the blades.

8. Moisturise again when you’ve finished

Once you’ve rinsed off the shaving gel, reapplying moisture is crucial. A gentle post-shave balm (keep it simple — nothing scented in this area) will cool and soothe the skin, meaning your skin stays free of redness and the hair will eventually grow back more comfortably.

Don’t put your underwear straight back on, either, as you’ll run the risk of rubbing the skin while it’s prone to getting irritated.

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What length should you trim your pubic hair?

Before you start trimming down there, you’ll have to decide what length you want to leave your pubic hair (if you’re leaving any at all). There’s no recommended length when it comes to this area. So whether you decide to go for a quick tidy up, or a mowed-lawn-look, it’s completely up to you and what you find comfortable.

Pubic hair styles

If you’re thinking about styling down there, here’s some popular ways to trim your pubic hair: 

  • The natural look: let it grow
  • The brazilian: a silky smooth shave
  • The landing strip: a classic, neat tidy up
  • The martini glass: a petit triangle