Our fascinating history began in 1772 with famed London gun, sword and bayonet manufacturer, Henry Nock, founding the company. But it was not until 1824 that Henry Wilkinson, who was by then managing the company, changed the name to James Wilkinson & Son.

Take a look back on our 250 years of history, to see our important milestones that we’ve celebrated.

Our History


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The Best Safety Razors for Beginners

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Wilkinson Sword


Need to sharpen up?

You could do worse than bringing over 200 years of good old-fashioned precision engineering into your grooming routine. We’re Wilkinson Sword, and if it’s got a blade, we’ve probably designed and manufactured it at some point since 1772. It was sword-making that made our name, but in the last century we’ve become world famous for the most innovative shaving products around.

We revolutionise shaving

Not content with producing a safety razor that remains a bathroom staple to this day, we’ve gone on to reinvent men’s and women’s shaving more times than we can count. Our extraordinarily popular Hydro and Quattro ranges showcase our continually boundary-pushing razor technology. If there are ways to bring you a smoother, more comfortable and better hydrated shave then we think they’re worth pursuing relentlessly.

It doesn’t stop there

From the most advanced razors to the bathroom basics, our entire range puts high performance and quality at the centre of your daily routine. On our website you’ll find not only everything you need for a close and comfortable shave, but reliable grooming tools, shaving subscriptions and the answers to any hair removal questions you’ve ever had.